Haitian Empowerment 20/20 Vision Workshop | January 26, 2020

No one was made to live in poverty, in fears, or in bondage. Regardless of where you were born, your parents, your skin color, or your physical traits, YOU WERE BORN WITH GREATNESS WITHIN YOU!!!

Experience a life changing transformation conference. 

Haitian Empowerment Conference
A 1-day transformational experience for Haitian-Americans to unleash the greatness God placed in you to unlock your limitless potential so you can live your purpose with limitless opportunities. 
Join the community whose goal is to keep the empowerment experience alive. 
The KayPwatik platform is a tool for all Haitian entrepreneurs to list their businesses. The KayPwatik app is available on both Google Play and the App Store for consumers to easily find you, and connect with you to purchase your products or services.

It's that simple!
Feed your mind with some great readings from our guest bloggers.
Enock Denis
Empowering you to find and unleash your greatness so that you can live your purpose.
#ResetToSoar is a 5-day challenge to help you prepare yourself so that you may be ready for your next level, the blessings and opportunities in 2020.

The challenge will be online from December 15-19, 2019. You MUST register to participate. Spots are limited.
6-Figure Profit Planning
Join us LIVE in Fort Lauderdale, FL for a jam-packed 1-Day Intensive of Deep Diving into the 6-Figure Profit Planning System to Prepare Your Strategic and Profitable 2020 Game Plan For More Growth, Impact, and Fulfillment in Your Business.

Out of the Box Mindset

Your mind a powerful part of you. It's time for you to understand it, take control of it, nurture it, and allow it to do what it was really designed to do.

Focus On Your Greatness

No one else can unleash your greatness for you. It requires your focus and discipline. It's all worth it.


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